About us

Who we are

NOBI was founded on a simple premise: marketing has become intertwined with technology & data and it keeps evolving at an extremely fast pace. This brings a lot of challenges to marketing teams and organisations that want to provide the optimal, fluid customer experience that consumers urge for today.

Our mission is to empower organisations to bring the best of marketing, technology & data strategies & solutions together to help these organisations to be ready and fully equipped to understand the customer’s behaviour, their interest & their context and to provide relevant & optimised experiences across channels.

Our mission is to empower organisations for data-driven growth.

Our DNA blends marketing, technology & data. Our team has an extremely broad experience in Digital Analytics, Conversion Rate & omni-channel optimisation & personalisation.

Our values


Quality is the main force in everything we do. We strive for excellence to achieve results you are proud of.


Together we are stronger. We value the robust & vigorous relationship with partner vendors and the long-term partnership with our customers.


We are a mix of profiles always challenging ourselves. We foster a culture of open communication & feedback, that is conducive to excellence.


We are committed to results. Whenever needed, we are prepared to go the extra mile to meet expectations and deliver on our promises.


We value pleasure and fun at work which cultivates an environment where people like to be and that reflects in our work & on our customers.


We love what we do, and moreover the way we do it. We value respect & integrity for each other & our surroundings.

Meet the team

Steven Volders

Giuseppe Sessa

Craig Taylor
Lead Conversion Rate Optimization

Guillaume Hermans
Senior Technical Consultant Digital Analytics & Intelligence

Diane Tibout
Digital Analytics & Intelligence Consultant

Davina Dekerpel
Office & Event manager

Delphine Finders
Digital Analytics & Optimisation Consultant

Gabriele Marro
Technical Consultant

Coraline Plumat
Digital Analytics Consultant

Ieva Garenne
Digital Analytics Consultant

Joey Tang
Data Scientist

Giovanni Tertulli
Junior Digital Analytics Consultant

Yang Liu
Digital Analytics Consultant

Elaine Lorent
Head of Data Management

Iuliia Martyniuk
Program Manager Digital Analytics