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Nobi was founded in 2017 by Giuseppe Sessa and Steven Volders by merging their companies, Novomine and BitPulse. In the years after, Steven and Giuseppe built out an experienced and well respected team with a solid experience in Digital Analytics, CRO, customer data & journey orchestration. Today, 5 years later, we are excited to announce taking our next big step by joining!

Vaimo is a leading agency in headless e-commerce, content- and experience management, headquartered in Stockholm Sweden and active in more than 15 countries.

Why joining Vaimo?

“We decided to join Vaimo for various reasons, but the strategic and cultural fit were two key drivers. With Nobi we already had the ambition to extend our service offering and continue our international growth, which fits very well with Vaimo’s focus, ambitions and company culture.” says co-founder Steven.

As partners at Vaimo, Steven and Giuseppe will be leading & building out the Data Insights & Activation practice globally at Vaimo.

Co-founder Giuseppe Sessa clarifies further: “At nobi our mission is to empower organisations to succeed in harnessing their customer data. Steven & I joined Vaimo as partners and are now able and fully committed to bring our expertise to write this next chapter together with Vaimo. This comes with great opportunities -not only for us- but for the whole nobi team moving forward.”

The official press release can be found here on the website of Vaimo.
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