We empower organisations for data-driven growth.

We provide strategies & solutions

for optimised customer experiences

through data.

We provide services in the following domains

Data strategy & coaching nobi.digital

Data strategy &

Solution design & implementation nobi.digital

Solution design
& implementation

Analyse & visualise nobi.digital

Data analysis &

Data driven optimization nobi.digital

Data driven

Training nobi.digital

Analytics Training

Our experts provide business, technical and methodology trainings in Digital Analytics, CRO & cross channel optimisation to empower your teams to successfully use tools like Adobe Experience Cloud (Analytics, Target, Audience Manager, Experience Platform, RT CDP, Journey Optimiser), Google Marketing Cloud (GTM, GA, Optimize), Contentsquare, Hotjar, etc.

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Our specialty areas


Data Collection

[Collect data from different touchpoints using javascript & SDK’s. Centrally manage all marketing tags in a tag management solution avoiding/ minimizing impact on release cycles.]

analytics option 2


[web & mobile analytics to measure, report & analyse behavior on digital channels, clarifying WHAT’s happening on your channels]

web-design (1)


[detailed in-page /in-screen analytics for richer experience insights, helping to further identify WHY certain behavior happens]

rating option 2

Voice of The

[directly hear from your users & further discover how users feel, by enabling feedback and survey features on your websites]


Data Quality & Data
Privacy Scanning

[analyze if your marketing tags are implemented correctly & in line with your privacy policy]

network (1)

Customer Data

[centralise customer data from various data sources, creating rich customer profiles. Analyse & improve  profile data, creating powerful customer audiences & activate across channels]


Conversion Rate

[A/B test & personalise to improve the user experience across digital channels, increasing conversions and improving business results]


X-Channel Customer Journey

[orchestrate and optimise the experience across the whole customer journey, thanks to centralised customer data & rich journey analytics]

Our approach : the 5 P’s

In order to succeed in working data-driven,
we empower organisations to gradually mature in these 5 key areas:


–  Clear and defined vision

–  SMART goals (objectives & key results)

–  Stakeholder alignment & Executive support

–  Use cases


–  The right technology

–  Tool adoption

–  Data availability and quality


–  Consent management

–  User preference

–  Personal and sensitive data
–  Portability and deletion


–  Roadmap & tactical execution

–  Data delivery & insights

–  Optimisation and improvement

–  Governance


–  The right team

–  Authority

–  Culture and mindset

Testimonial nobi.digital

Nobi is supporting us to measure, report, analyse & improve the performance of our most important customer portals. Their transparent and customer centric approach was refreshing and much appreciated by the internal organization. I can highly recommend them.

Bram Van Leeuwen (Sanofi) – Global Digital Director Oncology

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