E-Book: Why are organisations forced to take control of their customer data?

The past year was quite a bumpy ride for customer data management.

A wide range of changes affected our industry

1) Some of the highest fines reported for GDPR violations

2) Significant industry changes regarding 3rd party cookies

3) The accelerated digitalisation resulting from the COVID-19 crisis

To say the least, these changes rapidly put the traditional solutions for managing customer data in very murky and troubled water.

A large shift happened very quickly. The market needed a solution for customer data management that would be reliable, future-proof and that would also put the business back in control of their own customer data. Furthermore, in this enhanced digital world, marketers were urged to focus on the customer journey and to be more data-driven than ever in their decisions making process.

In our last ebook, we discuss how brands can capitalise and drive business value from those recent changes.

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About Steven Volders
Steven Volders is the co-founder of Nobi.digital. He’s been working for more than 15 years in e-commerce, digital & data-driven marketing. With his mixed technical & business background he has been guiding many organisations to prepare for and succeed in working data-driven. He co-founded Nobi.digital with Giuseppe Sessa.

About Elaine Lorent
Elaine Lorent, the key author of this ebook, is our Head of Data Strategy at NOBI. She spent 8+ years in Media and Digital Analytics, with focus on CDP, DMP and CRM strategies. Elaine has a Master of Science In Integrated Marketing & Analytics from the New York University. Her passion is to help brands leverage their 1st, 2nd & 3rd party data in a meaningful and responsible way, to become fully data-driven organisations.

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